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Reliable Lawyers in Bradenton, Florida
Bradenton, Florida Estate Planning Solutions

For those trying to manage after the death of a loved one, our reliable lawyers in Florida is a trusted resource to help you manage the difficult process of managing and distributing the estate. Our Bradenton, Florida estate planning attorney has extensive experience working with individuals and couples at all stages of life to help protect their assets.


We can help make your last will and testament in Bradenton, Florida valid for your chosen estate recipient when you die and determine how your property is divided.


We can protect your assets and guide how a law-bound trust manages and distributes your finances and estate.

Living Wills

We can assist you in making clear directions regarding your healthcare decisions to prevent family member conflicts.

Healthcare Surrogates

We can authorize your chosen healthcare surrogate to make medical decisions for you when they can’t make your own.

Enhanced Life Estate Deeds

We offer legally bonding enhanced life estate deeds to help the property owners keep the homestead without the necessity for probate.

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With proper asset and estate distribution, our estate planning lawyers in Bradenton, Florida ensure every detail requested is documented and authorized. When you seek freedom from worry, find the best possible outcome for your family.

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Strong Bradenton, Florida Real Estate Lawyers Representation Service

Because results are all that matter, our Bradenton, Florida real estate lawyers offer excellent services throughout your buying-selling property journey. With our guidance, you can have a clear direction and position yourself and your real estate claim according to federal law. The Grivas Law Group P.A. offers complete services, providing the legal advice you need.


Our well-versed attorneys in Bradenton, Florida help make sure your assets and real estate properties are properly documented and protected.


Our certified lawyers in Bradenton, FL, bring invaluable insights into your rights and compliance so you can have peace of mind.


Our professional team works in your favor with your mortgage, examining foreclosure documents while keeping in mind your best interest.

Title & Transfers

Our experienced team can help you maximize your property value by delivering and preparing accurate titles and deeds of transfers.

Professional Lawyers in Bradenton, Florida

Legal Services Provided By Committed Lawyers In Bradenton, Florida, Grivas Law Group, P.A

At Grivas Law Firm P.A., giving peace of mind and protection from potential risks or liabilities down the road is our priority. We ensure your interests are fully represented and exceed your expectation with quality service. Whether you need legal advice or counseling for estate planning or business-related document, let us be your single source of legal solutions.

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If you need legal advice in planning an estate, creating a will, patents, or business-related incorporation, the Grivas Law Group P.A. guarantees to meet your expectation. Our advocacy is to ensure all your legal needs and counsel are in order. We also offer estate administration and probate legal services, ensuring all aspects of carrying out the business or estate planning related are completed as required and according to the law. This is particularly important when there is a large estate or a complicated will with multiple properties, high-value assets, or potential legal challenges of the will by the surviving family.

Professional Representation

Giving the best legal representation possible at the most reasonable cost and convenience to the client.

High-Level of Service

Assuring high-quality service and innovative approaches in resolving disputes and other legal issues.

Dedication and Results

Dedicated to working closely with the clients, ensuring they have the resources and solutions needed.

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Let us work on your behalf and ensure your legal interests are protected throughout any disputes over real estate property, a will to leave an estate or deeds of transfers. We also specialize in different areas of real estate, including probate, foreclosure, zoning, and more. Make sure yours has experience handling cases like yours specifically.

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Welcome to Grivas Law Group P.A.
I’m Dr. Paul Grivas. For over a decade, we have protected our clients’ estates and property rights. We prioritize great client service and take the time to understand your needs.

For many people, the idea of securing and looking after your rights, whether it involves taxes or title transfer, can be daunting. Grivas Law Group P.A. offers services to clients throughout Sarasota and Bradenton, FL. In addition to being the top lawyers in Sarasota, FL, providing estate planning counsel, we also provide a range of services for our clients.

Our Sarasota Law Firm has helped thousands of people involving legal transactions, patent compliance, property debts, and more. Let us be your beacon of light in times of legal uncertainty.
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As an estate planning law firm, Grivas Law Group P.A. works closely with clients to provide comprehensive solutions that protect your estate and ensure your assets are also safeguarded. Dr. Paul Grivas is a recognized wills and trusts attorney in Bradenton and Sarasota, FL, assisting people in creating wills and trusts that provide their beneficiaries according to their wishes. From helping with property disputes to creating wills and trusts, our experienced lawyers have the expertise needed to ensure that all property and financial affairs are taken care of.

Estate Planning

Delivering law-binding Florida estate planning, including wills, trusts, and more.

Real Estate

Bringing real estate documents, closings, and deeds into lawful formation.


Providing estate administration and other legal services to our clients.


Ensuring the intellectual-related property is protected under state law.

Corporate & Business

Serving business solutions and other customer-employee-dispute services

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The Grivas Law Group P.A. promotes those needing legal assistance and advice at the least expense and inconvenience to the clients. Read what our happy clients said about their experience of our service.

Paul did a great job updating wills, POA, and trusts for us recently. He is very professional and thorough. We are very happy with the method and the work.

— Phil

If you need anything to do with your Estates or Living Will, I highly recommend Paul. He made the whole process easy and was very professional with a heartwarming personality. Everything that I wanted to be covered, he did so and respected my wishes. Thank you, Paul, for making me feel at ease. God Forbid something was to happen, and knowing my family would be okay.

— Irene Ameres

Paul does a wonderful job and is very personable as well as knowledgeable. I would absolutely recommend Paul’s legal counsel.

— Christina Barrett

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