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Our Professional lawyers in Bradenton, Florida offer entrepreneurs legal services that can help boost success. Our Bradenton, Florida business attorney provides legal advice to small businesses and larger companies, from business formation, collection, and disputes to the legal structure — let us know how we can help protect your business goals.

Protect Your Business with a Bradenton, Florida Business Attorney

The process of forming a business involves numerous legal considerations and paperwork requirements. Without proper guidance from someone who knows business laws inside and out, entrepreneurs may find themselves dealing with complex regulations they don’t fully understand or overlooking key details that could cause problems. A Bradenton, Florida business attorney specializing in business formations, including LLC, partnership, and incorporation, has the knowledge required to help make sure everything regarding your company’s setup goes smoothly. As an entrepreneur, you must ensure that your new venture is set up properly to maximize its potential success.

Grivas Law Group P.A., the trusted Bradenton, Florida business attorney can help you protect your business against any potential liabilities associated with operating a business — from ensuring proper insurance coverage to helping establish employee policies that comply with state and federal laws.

Bradenton, Florida Business Attorney Providing Legal Solutions

Working with a knowledgeable business litigation lawyer or Bradenton, Florida business attorney can ensure that your contracts are accurate and legally binding in your jurisdiction. Our experienced lawyer in Bradenton will be able to provide advice on how to protect yourself from potential pitfalls and help you understand what should and shouldn’t go into your contracts.

By having our Bradenton, Florida business attorney review contracts related to financing, property leases, service agreements, and more, you have peace of mind knowing that everything is in line with current regulations. This helps protect your interests now and in the future when changes may need to be made due to evolving laws or other circumstances. 


Although it is possible to run a business without incorporation in Florida, setting up a corporation or limited liability company (LLC) can help protect you and your fellow owners from being personally liable if your business is sued. However, you need a Florida business attorney who knows the impact of recent court cases on the extent of protection for different types of business entities so you make the right choice. We’ll even help you with your annual filings if you need us.


Grivas Law Group, P.A. are experienced in drafting and revising a wide array of contracts in industries ranging from healthcare to minerals to real estate. Let us put some teeth into agreements, particularly those where you are advancing goods and services, by adding personal guarantees of your customers’ owners, members, or officers. When it comes to unnecessary litigation, businesses don’t plan to fail, they fail to plan.


You provided goods or services in good faith and are left with nothing but a stack of accounts receivable. Even in this economy, there has to be a limit to your patience, and you shouldn’t presume that your customers cannot pay. Grivas Law Group can help you get what you are owed, possibly at no expense until we collect for you.

Employment Disputes

A common tactic by disgruntled former employees is to allege that they were denied adequate compensation for overtime, or that the employers failed to record the hours worked accurately. As a former client of Dr. Grivas found, some left the work site for hours without “clocking out” only to blame the employer for having inaccurate time records. Also, you may be in an industry where employees may not be entitled to overtime, or your business may be exempt based on its revenue. Former employees may also suggest that their termination was based on racial, sexual, age, or some other unlawful basis. Call Grivas Law Group, P.A. to discuss your options, so you can best resolve matters.


For whatever reason, former customers may make false and disparaging remarks about your company, either verbally (slander) or in writing (libel). Whether you want us to notify the other party of your intent to sue if s/he does not cease and desist (which you must do before suing) or take additional measures, Grivas Law Group, P.A. is willing to help you determine the best approach. Time is of the essence, as the statute of limitations for slander and libel suits is two years from the date of the slanderous statement.

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You know how difficult the debt collection procedure is — when a customer owes you money, and you’re trying to collect payments from them, the tension is increased because you depend on that money to keep your business running. So, what can you do if your customers aren’t paying you for the services or goods you’ve previously rendered?

At Grivas Law Group, we advise you to work with a Bradenton, Florida business attorney to help you get the money you are owed if you have problems getting payments. Let’s talk about how to secure your business rights!

Benefits of Hiring a Bradenton, Florida Business Attorney in Debt Collection

When it comes to collecting business accounts receivables, having an expert Bradenton, Florida business attorney on your side can be essential. A lawyer’s advice is invaluable when dealing with delinquent debtors who refuse to pay for goods or services rendered. Plus, Bradenton attorneys are well-versed in state and federal laws that govern how these matters should be handled, ensuring clients get the best possible outcome from any dispute resolution process.

From avoiding costly mistakes to providing valuable guidance throughout the process, our qualified legal professional can guide you through any complex legal issues that could come up during negotiations, ensuring you don’t miss anything important. As a Bradenton, Florida business attorney, we provide legal options so you can choose the most cost-effective solution and take action swiftly if necessary.

How Our Bradenton, Florida Business Attorney Can Help with Slander

When it comes to business, the stakes are high, and the risks can be even higher. That’s why having a Bradenton business attorney on your side can help protect you against slander or libel claims when they arise. Slander and libel are both forms of defamation that involve communicating false statements about someone else to damage their reputation.

Our professional Bradenton, FL business attorney will know how best to handle these types of cases, ensuring that any legal action taken is fair and beneficial for your company in the long run. We will also work with you to develop strategies for avoiding such issues in the future through proper contracts and other protective measures. This way, you’ll have peace of mind knowing your business is safe from malicious gossip or rumors. With a trusted Bradenton lawyer by your side, you won’t ever need to worry about potential lawsuits impacting your livelihood again!

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When setting up a business incorporation, Having the assistance of an experienced business attorney in Bradenton, Florida, can help you understand and navigate these vital steps for forming your company and helping your planning your estate. Whether you’re looking to set up an LLC, partnership, or incorporation, with Florida’s best Bradenton business lawyer by your side, we’ll ensure that any legal documents needed to form the corporation are drafted properly so that all parties involved are aware of their rights and obligations under the law. Contact us today.