It seems extremely cruel that, after you lose a loved one, you have to spend months to years placating his or her creditors, and may have a fight with other family members.

Creditor Help

Car Liens


Property Debts

We know that not every probate case is the same, and some can be streamlined based on the time since your loved one’s passing or their assets. In most cases, we need to help you establish a Personal Representative of the estate, whether or not there is a will. We can walk you through gathering the assets and notifying creditors.

Your loved one’s Homestead (primary home) is subject only to debts related to the property (mortgage, tax and contractor’s liens, etc.) but is protected against any creditors not related to the property. If there is a car with a lien on it, you have the option of using estate assets to pay off the lien or surrender the vehicle.

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“Nothing is certain except death and taxes.”

-Benjamin Franklin