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To assist you in managing your real estate assets, our lawyers in Bradenton, Florida develop and execute legal solutions for your specific property purchase and sale, financing, land development, construction, and more. You can come to us with complete confidence that your real estate property is handled with the necessary expertise. Secure your property with experienced Florida real estate attorneys in Bradenton.

What is Bradenton, Florida Real Estate Title Transfer

Title transfers are when real estate ownership is officially transferred through a set of documents that must be completed by both parties involved in the transaction. For this to happen, you’ll need assistance from a qualified real estate attorney in Bradenton. They will ensure all required paperwork is properly filled out and filed with county records offices so that the new owner can take possession of their home or business securely.

The importance of ensuring accurate documentation during title transfers cannot be overstated – if any errors occur, they could cause major issues, which may require costly litigation to resolve. There are other factors beyond just transferring ownership that determine whether or not a piece of land or building can legally be used for certain activities, like zoning laws that regulate development within specific areas.

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When an individual has clear title to their property, there isn’t any question as to who has ultimate legal control over it. This provides peace of mind knowing that no one else can claim it away from them. Having a deed ensures that all decisions about usage rest firmly in the hands of the owner, allowing you greater flexibility and freedom when making decisions about managing your assets.

Title Transfers

Whether you are interested in selling your property, giving it to a loved one, adding someone to the title, or avoiding probate when you pass, our Florida real estate attorneys can help. We have extensive experience with quit claim deeds and can help you determine how much you will owe in documentary stamp taxes before you transfer the property, avoiding unwelcome tax bills. If you want to avoid probate but a trust is not right for you, we can help you execute an Enhanced Life Estate (“Lady Bird”) Deed. You will still own and have total control of your property until you die. Then your loved ones simply have to file your death certificate with the Clerk of Court, and the property becomes theirs, avoiding a year or more and thousands of dollars in court costs. Unlike many Bradenton, Florida real estate lawyers, we happily provide this service, even though we could make more money by not doing so.

Real Estate Fraud Litigation

We have had the pleasure of helping people who bought homes or other properties without the sellers disclosing major defects, unpermitted work, and other matters. Don’t shrug your shoulders because your purchase was an “As Is” contract. Even then, sellers are required to disclose anything that could materially affect the value of a property. Often, the sellers’ agents can also be liable, especially when they boast about numerous improvements made without pulling and completing the required permits. Also, sellers of condominium units, their listing agents, the association, and its management company may fail to disclose the need for special assessments to remedy structural defects. If any of these happened to you, we may be able to help.

Zoning & Development

We are experienced in helping people get the proper use of their property, whether that involves changing the zoning designation of one or more parcels of land, acquiring road access to landlocked lots, vested rights, getting waivers of the unused right of ways, and other matters. Before we could open the doors at our current location, we had to get the Bradenton Planning Commission and City Counsel to approve a zoning change from T4-R (restricted) to T4-O (open). Both the Planning Commission and the City Counsel passed our proposal unanimously.

Construction Law

We have had the pleasure of representing both homeowners and contractors in disputes related to construction agreements. Whether it is a matter of disputed costs, construction liens, qualifications of subcontractors, permitting, or something else. We have probably dealt with it. While still in law school, Dr. Grivas produced, revised, and presented Declaratory Statements before the Florida Building Commission at its quarterly meetings, becoming familiar not only with the process but also with the parties involved.

Foreclosure Defense

Property foreclosure is a complex process that requires specific elements to be met. You may want to consider giving a loved one the ability to manage your assets for you if you become incapacitated. You can choose the extent of your agent’s authority to best care for your needs. You can also set up Limited Powers of Attorney to car for specific matters or oversee specific transactions. With an experienced professional on your side, it's easier to make sure you get what you need from any transaction while minimizing risks or costly mistakes.

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No matter what kind of dispute arises, having a valid deed will give you the confidence and peace of mind that comes with knowing you have secure ownership over your property. To ensure your rights and interest, let our experienced lawyers provide you with legal advice and paperwork filing. With our expertise in handling various real estate properties, you can absolutely count on the best real estate attorneys in Bradenton, Florida.

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Real estate deeds are essential documents that can help protect your ownership interests and grant you the freedom to do what you want with your land. They can ensure that your rights and interests in a piece of real estate are protected. Having knowledgeable Bradenton, Florida real estate attorneys on hand to help you with the process can provide many benefits, from understanding construction law to being able to handle any litigation resulting from fraud or foreclosure proceedings.

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Having a sound legal representation that understands all aspects of real estate law is essential for ensuring you don’t get taken advantage of. Our experienced real estate attorneys in Bradenton, Florida will secure a good outcome in favor of your interests. With our extensive knowledge and professional skills in other legal services such probate litigation, we deliver invaluable advice when making decisions about something as valuable as real estate. Stop your constant search for “best real estate attorneys near me.” You don’t have to look any further. Grivas Law Group is here to make a positive impact on your real estate authority needs. Contact us today.